Reduce Risk
With Renters Insurance

Communities need an additional layer of protection around their financial performance. A single fire, water or liability related event could have drastic consequences to a community's bottom line without the proper insurance programs in place. Establishing a renter's insurance requirement is an important step, however you need a partner who will help you ensure that residents maintain their insurance throughout their tenancy.

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More than just insurance coverage — BetterNOI partners with you to mitigate risk and reduce financial losses caused by uninsured residents. Working together, we can reduce the amount of unit damage expense sent to collections.
  • Resident Policy Tracking

    BetterNOI ensures that your residents maintain the required level of liability coverage throughout their tenancy. Our unique policy tracking monitors coverage information for each apartment, no matter where the resident obtains insurance.

  • Comprehensive Damage Protection

    Expenses add up quickly from fire, smoke or water damage caused by resident negligence. BetterNOI standard liability policies protect the building owner for damages caused to the building while personal property policies protect residents' personal assets. Protection Choice policies are underwritten by RLI, an A+ (superior) rated organization.

  • Unique Trilateral Relationship

    Developed specifically for the multifamily industry, BetterNOI insurance programs recognize the importance of the three-way relationship between our organization, our property management clients and our shared renter customers. Unlike other insurance companies, we recognize the importance of BOTH types of customers. BetterNOI provides high quality insurance at competitive rates for renters while simultaneously providing outstanding risk mitigation and loss protection for owners.

  • Effective Claims Process

    Damages happen. When they do, BetterNOI makes it easy for property managers to submit claims directly, rather than waiting on residents to take action. Damage claims are expedited and processed quickly, with unit damage payments made directly to the community.

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