Your Collection History

Reducing bad debt begins with understanding the source or cause of collections. BetterNOI begins by analyzing YOUR collection data to determine where the maximum return can be created based on this information.

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Rent Recover, the BetterNOI collection service, delivers unparalleled value to our clients through a completely transparent collection process. Like all of the BetterNOI products, Rent Recover is designed to deliver results where it counts the most — your bottom line.
  • Visibility
    24/7 Online Access

    Powerful management reports PLUS 24/7 online access allow you to see EXACTLY what is happening with your collection files. You can easily review overall portfolio performance or detailed notes on individual accounts — the status of your collection files should not be a mystery!

  • Professionalism
    Legal & Ethical Standards

    Our team specializes in multifamily collections and we coordinate collection activity in-house. Our collectors maintain rigorous legal and ethical standards, while treating each individual with courtesy and respect.

  • Convenience
    Easily Transfer Files

    It's your choice: Upload files directly to begin the collection process immediately, or coordinate a schedule to have files delivered to members of our team. We even have interfaces for several popular property management software companies that allow you to initiate collections from inside their software.

  • Results
    We Deliver

    The Rent Recover team focuses on delivering measurable results for our clients. Our systems provide unparalleled transparency, so you see the value of our partnership on the ongoing basis.

Get To Know Your Debt

What type of debt are we collecting? Make informed decisions and fine-tune your leasing and resident selection guidelines.

Recovery Rates

Follow collection performance over a two-year cycle with easy, accurate measurements of recovery success.

Placement Details

Collectors evaluate the recovery opportunity and aggressively work accounts with maximum potential. Experienced collectors know when to report to credit agencies, initiate wage garnishments and work with law offices.
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