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Analyze Your Collection History
Measure Leasing Effectiveness

Debt Collection Administration

Experience the unique way the BetterNOI system segments, analyzes and interprets your collection data, then provides actionable recommendations to improve your community's performance. Our debt collection model, administered by Better Collections, LLC, offers clients more accountability for results by prequalifying collection agencies and providing detailed performance reports. Residential debt collection is unique. Not all collection agencies have the ability and resources to adequately protect your interests.

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Reducing bad debt begins with understanding the source or cause of collections. BetterNOI begins by analyzing YOUR collection data to determine where the maximum return can be created based on this information.

Debt Recovery

The priority is to recover outstanding balances with tact and professionalism, returning the money you are owed as quickly as possible.

Judgement Collections

Pre-qualified collection agencies will use the most appropriate methods available to collect outstanding judgements on your behalf.

Settlement Negotiations

Occasionally, creating a payment plan or negotiating a settlement for a reduced sum may be the best possible alternative. Selected collection agencies have the expertise to negotiate settlements within parameters you establish.

Get To Know Your Debt

What is the distribution of your bad debt? Make informed decisions and fine-tune your leasing and resident selection guidelines.

Recovery Rates

Follow collection performance over a two-year cycle with easy, accurate measurements of recovery success.

Placement Details

We evaluate the recovery opportunity and connect you with collection agencies which we have prequalified for your unique circumstances. Experienced collectors know when to report to credit agencies, initiate wage garnishments and work with law offices.
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