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Employees have access to proprietary company resources, including private customer information, physical assets, even cash or credit card transactions. Employee Reports provides critical insights about prospective employees' backgrounds' before you make the decision to add them to your team.

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Employee Reports is your single-source provider of comprehensive, accurate and cost-effective pre-employement background searches. Our services are designed exclusively to get you accurate facts before you hire.

Verify applicant information

using cross-referenced address data, multi-county records analysis, even department of motor vehicle records

Maintain compliance

with I-9 and Patriot Act requirements for employers.


an optimal background screening based on your company's needs, placement time frame and hiring criteria.

Available Services

Employee Reports generates easy-to-read reports that give you crucial information from one or more major credit bureaus in seconds. Employee credit reports provide:

  • Previous address and employer information
  • Employee credit history including outstanding debts and collection acounts
  • Open loans and third party inquiries

Each month, we execute thousands of automated decisions and process thousands of report transactions. An employment credit check assist you in staffing positions with access to financial transactions or information.

No one has a better understanding of data management, and reliable and accurate tools to help you make decisions, than Employee Reports.

Avoid the risk of hiring potentially dangerous or dishonest employees. Using both direct jurisdictional courthouse and database criminal records, Employee Reports criminal record investigation unlocks the information you need, including:

  • Multi-State and National Sex Offender Registry
  • Instant Statewide and National Criminal Reports
  • State-by-State, Multi-county in-person Criminal Reports
  • U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
  • AKA's and aliases found through an SSN Trace

Our search options include the National Sex Offender Registry, Instant Statewide Criminal Reports, OFAC Terror Search and Multi-County Criminal Reports researched by Employee Report's own investigators in-person at county courthouses. Results include notification when a potential hire was arrested and/or convicted for a felony or misdemeanor, driving offenses, possession of controlled substances, deceptive practices or fraud and firearms violations, etc.

Employee Reports criminal searches are supported by advanced technology and unsurpassed customer service. Most criminal records originate at the county court. These criminal records require a physical visit to the court to conduct the criminal search since many of these criminal records are not available electronically. We report all felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, and driving records, if requested. Open arrest warrants and open cases are also reported.

Applicants' driving records are obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles in states where applicants have lived or worked. The Driving Record Report includes verification of driving privilege status and driving history.

The Driving Record Report includes:
  • License issuing state
  • Date of birth
  • Address at time of issuance
  • License number
  • Expiration date
  • Class status
  • Violations

Depending on state restrictions, complete detail for up to seven years of history will be provided. All violations found will be included on the report with history, convictions, restrictions and points, endorsements, penalties, and fines.

Note: Some states require employers to sign an additional compliance statement before retrieving applicants' driving records.

Identify prospective employees that have a history of financial and legal issues. Using both jurisdictional courthouse and database reports, Employee Reports will provide the information you need, including:

  • Reports of civil lawsuits including dates, amounts and lists of plaintiffs
  • Disclosure of bankruptcy filings including dates, amounts and available discharge information
  • List of liens filed including dates, amounts and discharge dates or settlements

Employee Reports verification specialists provide unbiased verification of income and employment history in accordance with your established acceptance guidelines. Inquiries are made via telephone whenever possible rather than postal mail, to provide the fastest, most accurate information available.

Our employment verification reports are supported by advanced technology and personalized customer service. Our reports allow you to analyze employment records and provide clear accept/decline guidelines based on company policy. Former supervisors are contacted when possible to obtain the applicant's job performance comments. Combine these with comments from Human Resources or Payroll, and you will have a much clearer picture of the applicant.

Employee Reports verifications provide hire dates, salary, positions held and whether the applicant meets the rehiring requirements.

Employee Reports offers a range of drug screening options. The drug screenings include urine drug test (most common), oral fluid and hair testing. All positive results are reviewed by a medical review officer before results are issued. Employee Reports understands that employment drug screening needs may vary greatly from company to company. We will work to comply with your company requirements.

Experts agree, pre-employment drug testing helps companies control turnover, reduce absenteeism and maintain work accuracy, quality and productivity. Drug testing has been shown to lower accident and injury incidents, leading to lower worker's compensation claims and lower insurance premiums. Finally, drug testing assists in discouraging incidents of theft and other criminal activity in the workplace.

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