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  • John Doe
  • 123 Anywhere St., #301
  • Anywhere, ST 12345
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Community / Insured Location

  • Treetop Village
  • 123 Anywhere Drive
  • Anywhere, ST 12345
Policy Options and Rates

At a minimum, you must maintain a renter's insurance policy with $100,000 liability coverage limits throughout your residency at this community. To include coverage for your personal belongings, we recommend selecting a policy that includes personal property coverage at the appropriate level.

Coverage Details Payment Options
Select Personal Property Coverage Liability Coverage Deductible Quarterly Semi-Annual Annual
Payment Information

For your convenience, we will automatically process your premium installments via your preferred method of payment when due so that no lapse in insurance coverage will occur until your policy is cancelled. You can change your payment or cancel your policy at any time.

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I also acknowledge that recurring premium installment payments will be automatically charged 30 days in advance of the payment due date. This is to ensure adequate time to resolve any billing issues to maintain uninterrupted coverage.

Texas residents, please review the Texas Consumer Bill of Rights. English / Spanish

Welcome, John Doe

What is the difference between liability insurance and personal property insurance?

Liability insurance covers your legal responsibility for accidents or damage that may occur in or around your residence.

Personal property insurance provides protection for personal belongings inside your residence.

If you'd like to learn more about renter's insurance, please visit our FAQs.


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