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  • John Doe
  • 123 Anywhere St., #301
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  • Treetop Village
  • 123 Anywhere Drive
  • Anywhere, ST 12345
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Based on the information contained in your application and credit report, the deposit requirement for this community is a cash deposit or surety bond in the amount of:

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To purchase a surety bond, please complete the following payment information. If you would prefer to pay the full cash deposit, please contact your apartment community.

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Welcome, John Doe

What is a Surety Bond?

For apartment applicants, surety bonds are an alternative to a traditional cash deposit. They provide the option of a one-time payment in lieu of the entire cash balance required as a deposit.

The benefit to applicants/ residents is a lower amount of cash out of pocket when you reserve an apartment.

If you'd like to learn more about surety bonds, please visit our FAQs.


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