Collection History

Critical information about a community's financial health can be found inside its historic collection data. BetterNOI identifies opportunities to offset or alleviate future collections and will partner with you to:

Better Understand

the source, cause and distribution of your bad debt.


the credit trends within your collection files.


a credit profile based on your collection activity.

Screening Risks

Communities that have identified the trends creating their bad debt are now ready to properly screen prospects. The BetterNOI program creates a clear distinction between credit risk and criminal risk, and applies past data to future credit criteria and deposit/collateral requirements, letting you:


the cost of conditional and credit overrides.


screening parameters based on collection averages for your community.


between critical (criminal) and flexible (credit) screening standards.

Collateral Values

BetterNOI will recommend deposit and collateral adjustments based on your community's loss history. Let us demonstrate how collateral requirements offset the risk of losses in the future, and why offering alternatives to traditional cash deposits maintains (or increases) leasing opportunities.


deposit / collateral requirements to your collection file balances.


vacancy-loss cost against bad-debt cost.


additional financial resources to recapture your losses.

Reduce Risk
With Renters Insurance

BetterNOI helps establish an additional layer of protection around your financial performance. One single event could have drastic consequences to your bottom line without the proper insurance programs in place. BetterNOI can help:


a preferred insurance partnership and better claims process.


an added layer of liability protection from legal issues caused by resident accidents or negligence.


continued renter's insurance coverage for ALL of your residents, not just the ones using our recommended product.

The Leasing Process

Offer applicants, residents and on-site teams more speed, convenience and data security while ensuring that move-ins adhere to proven financial best practices. BetterLeasing provides a collection of resources specifically for the rental industry, creating a "win-win" connection with residents and making it easier to apply, secure and reside in their apartments or rental homes.


A single access point for residents to manage the essential steps in the residency lifecycle.


Provides mirrored applicant and leasing views of the application dashboard, keeping community teams informed.


The online process is streamlined and easier for everyone, without sacrificing financial safeguards.

Your Workforce Choices

BetterNOI also offers comprehensive and cost-effective pre-employment screening services designed exclusively with your business in mind. Add another level of confidence before handing someone the keys to your property (or properties). With BetterNOI, you get:

Thorough authentication

of your hiring decisions.

National, State and In-Person

county criminal research.


tailored packages.

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