BetterNOI - BetterNOI

Convert & Communicate

Transform your online presence into a powerful 24/7 leasing platform

  • Community websites with concierge service
  • Streamlined online applications provide faster credit results
  • Applicant dashboard manages essential move-in requirements
  • Resident Smartphone App for iOS and Android platforms
  • LeaseNet and ResNet portals manage communications

Applicant Quality

Extensive credit and criminal research options, combined with ongoing analysis of previous screening results provide an objective measure of the caliber of resident inside your community. Apply the same standard of background investigation to your employees with our pre-employment screening.

Liability Risk

Surety Bonds, an alternative to traditional cash deposits, provide a win-win opportunity for property managers and their residents. Let us demonstrate how collateral requirements offset the risk of losses in the future, and why offering alternatives to traditional cash deposits maintains (or increases) leasing momentum.

Liability Participation

Blanket renters insurance policies offer the highest level of liability protection from damages caused by resident negligence. BetterNOI partners with you to create renters insurance programs that combine state regulations with community needs.

Leasing Effectiveness

Reducing bad debt begins with understanding the source or cause of collections. BetterNOI automates the collection review process, and provides recommendations for changes to screening criteria, collateral requirements and online leasing.

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